Proud to have served the Western Slope of Colorado since 2002, Kuboske Construction Company, LLC has completed many successful projects. Our gallery showcases the quality of our work and the dedication we apply to every job, no matter how big or small. Our residential construction builds feature brand new homes customized to each individual owner's criteria. Whether you are looking for a mansion or a tiny home, we aim to please. 

Our commercial construction projects have been built all over Montrose and the surrounding communities. We specialize in completing these jobs from the ground up. Coordinating with concrete for foundations, plumbing, electrical and any other necessary utilities, Kuboske employees and the contractors we use are highly skilled to provide top notch service to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. 

Kuboske remodels and additions are some of the most interesting projects we come across. Whether we are restoring or upgrading small features of a home, or literally taking off a roof to add another story, our focus is to go above and beyond. Kuboske employees take pride and satisfaction in knowing that any job completed will last the home owner for years to come. 

And finally, our steel and metal buildings are engineered to provide long lasting stability for whatever purpose it is designed to serve. As efficient as these multi-functional buildings are, we have created custom homes inside these metal structures so that our clients will have a comfortable home as well as plenty of room for all their toys. Whether the purpose is strictly for business, or a combination of a home and office, steel and metal buildings can provide a low maintenance, flexible floor plan for any project. 

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