Remodels/Addition Projects

Homeowners located in Montrose County had requested to have a second story addition added to an existing garage space. The new space now consists of a studio apartment with an art studio. The home's original roof was removed with the assistance of Valley Crane Service to allow crews to construct walls for a second story. The roof was placed on the ground during the process of the building of the new walls. Once completed, the original roof was placed back on top of the new second story. The completed images of the house show the new additional space of 900 square feet. Newly constructed stairs were built to give the space its own private entrance. Plumbing and electrical was all tied into the existing home as well for a seamless addition.

This project is a fully custom Swim Spa home addition completed in 2017. The Swim Spa was ordered by the home owner, and carefully placed by Valley Crane Service. We were fortunate enough to work with the home owner to add 600 square feet to the existing home to accommodate the addition of the Swim Spa.  All finishing touches to the interior of the addition were chosen by the home owner to match the existing home structure. Every detail was given a great deal of attention due to the complexity of the project, a dehumidifier (hidden in a cabinet) was required to help regulate the temperatures in the space. The creativity of the project manager helped design a fully custom shower with a concealed floor drain. All exterior detail was completed to match the existing home as it was important to the home owner that the addition project look as if it was always part of the home.

This restoration project was completed on the 243 acre Mad Dog Ranch, which was Joe Cocker's residence in Crawford, Colorado. After the house flooded, Kuboske Construction Company, LLC completed custom medallion tile work in the entrance of the Mad Dog Ranch. We restored and repaired all the stairway craftsmanship, wood flooring, and created a custom tiled medallion at the entry. 

Before and after pictures of an additional 480 square feet that was added to this home in Ouray County in 2017. The addition/remodel consisted of a 2 car garage and the new covered porch area to the existing structure. All exterior material was matched at the home owner's request to resemble the existing home. 

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